Residential Real Estate Closings

The real estate closing is the final stage of the home buying and refinancing process. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this complex transaction that is required to be conducted by an attorney. As a buyer and borrower, there are many topics that you'll need to be informed of during the closing.

In addition to protecting your interests, your attorney's role is also to answer any questions you may have regarding topics including, but not limited to:

• The terms of the mortgage documents
• Your financial obligations
• Title insurance
• The deed
• Certification of legal title

buyer representation services in Massachusetts

As the closing attorney, it is our duty to arrange the completion of the mortgage closure. The closing attorney coordinates all of the efforts outside of the loan approval process. In the instance that issues arise regarding the recorded title to the property, we keep the seller and the borrower/buyer informed and we are available to answer basic questions. If possible, our firm tries to resolve title issues and disputes on behalf of you, our client. This insures that the purchase of the property proceeds.

Most buyers obtain a mortgage to help finance their purchase. If you are obtaining a mortgage to help finance your purchase, you actually need an attorney to function in two different roles; first, as your buyer representative and second, as a closing agent for your lender. As an added note, we are on the approved closing agent list for the vast majority of lenders doing business in Massachusetts. Contact our office to speak with an attorney about representation for the real estate closing process.

We protect the client throughout the entire transaction and we keep you informed so you know what to expect.