Condo Conversions

We are ready to assist homeowners and developers with the development, purchase and sale of condominiums.

We have assisted many property owners with the conversion of their properties to condominium status and have represented many condominium owners with the purchase, financing, and sale of their units. Our attorneys have expertise with the drafting and review of condominium documents, including the Condominium Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, By-laws, Rules and Regulations, Budget, Trustee Appointment and Acceptance and the 6D Certificate.

condo conversion services in Massachusetts

When establishing a new condominium, our attorneys work closely with the property owner or developer, architects, surveyors, engineers, and title insurers to be sure the condominium documents will comply with legal requirements and will meet the needs of the client.

We protect the client throughout the entire transaction and we keep you informed so you know what to expect.